Emotional Leak 

glass: 30 x 30 x 35,

photographs: 82cm x 44,8cm/27cm x 22cm                                   

glass, inkjet print on foamboard

The ambivalent qualities of glass, being a material and invisible at the same time, make it a very appropriate medium to portrait the intangible. Aspects of our lives that are undeniably part of our existence, but cannot be grasped or explained on a rational base.

The installation „Emotional Leak“ consists of a glass object in combination with photographic work. The surface of the glass cube seems wounded, it is covered with an intricate network of cracks. The openings suggest an insight to what may be hidden inside.

In the way they are installed the series of photographs remind of a filmstrip, they are a collection of biographic snap-shots. The images represent unique moments and memories, which are emotionally charged.

The aspect of time plays a substantial role for the photographs as well as for the creation of the blown object.

Emotions are the main subject of this work, they are evoked through fragments of memory.

The photographs represent traces of memories and moments, the surface of the blown biece represents traces of the corresponding emotions.