Blending In

Dimensions: 250cm x 120cm x 1cm    Glass, Mirror, Nylon

Standing in front of “Blending in” the observer experiences a mixture of seeing clear reality, the shadows of branches and leaves being projected onto the translucent glass surface, as well as multiplied and distorted images of the surroundings and him/herself. The reflected mirages of the surroundings are so similar to the actual background of the piece, that the observer perceives an alternation of images of reality and images of reflections. The effect created feels like an array of illusionary surprises depending on the changing conditions.

Reflections are images made by light, they are constantly in deformation and therefore confuse our sense of depth and surface.The person standing in front of the piece is sometimes simply not sure what he/she sees:

Is it reality or is it illusion? Am I looking through, or am I looking on glass?